Damaged car from the USA. How and where to find auto parts for repairs?

At American auctions you can buy a used car of any popular model with savings of up to 50% compared to the AutoRia and RST car markets. However, this benefit is partly due to the fact that you buy a car after an accident, which is damaged, and after the car arrives in Ukraine, you make repairs. In this case, on the one hand, you get a little more worries, but on the other hand, a much lower price for an imported car.

If you decide to take advantage of the profitable decision to buy a damaged used car from the USA, for example at a Copart auction, then you will also need to resolve the issue of auto parts. Where can I get them? Buy from us or abroad? How much will it cost and will you spend too much money on repairs? All the answers are in the new material from Auction Auto.

How and where to order spare parts for a damaged car?

You can search on your own, or you can use the Auction Auto service in combination. We search, select and deliver any auto parts for the client. Where do we get them? The best option is to buy auto parts directly from the countries where your car was manufactured. And not in Ukraine according to advertisements. In this case, you receive a 100% original part in new or excellent condition.

The main auctions where we buy auto parts:

  • ebay
  • Allegro
  • rockauto
  • carpartlogo

There are other sites where we search and buy spare parts for damaged cars. We have dozens of contacts in our arsenal that allow us to quickly find the necessary parts for our clients.

The main countries from which we transport auto parts:

  • USA
  • Lithuania
  • Poland
  • United Arab Emirates
  • China
  • Taiwan

Also, many spare parts are available in our warehouse in Kyiv! It is located at the address: Kiev, st. Saperno-Slobodskaya 57. It is quite possible that the necessary spare parts for your car from America will be found in our warehouse and then repairs can begin immediately.

What auto parts can be bought abroad?

  • Body elements: hood, bumpers, fenders, doors, headlights;
  • Steering: al, bushings, crosses, tips, pendulum brackets, etc.;
  • Brake system: discs, drums, pads, cylinders, vacuum boosters, ABS sensors;
  • Ignition system: spark plugs, control units, high-voltage wires; tensioners for suspension elements, timing belts, timing kits, etc.;
  • Airbags, shock absorbers;
  • Differential – axle shaft bushings, locking actuators, differentials, driveshaft, bearings, satellite sets, etc.;
  • filters with and without gaskets (gaskets can be ordered separately), recirculation valves, oils, replacement cartridges; bearings, cardan shafts, axle shafts, sets of satellites, differentials, shock absorbers, pillows and more;
  • Rollers and belts – timing kits, suspension tensioners, timing belt tensioner, and suspension belt.

If you don’t see the parts you need on this list, don’t worry: we will bring you any auto parts from the USA and other countries that you need to repair your damaged car.

How to order auto parts for a damaged car from the USA?

  • Leave your request;
  • Next, the spare part is selected according to the VIN code;
  • We look for spare parts at auctions and choose the best;
  • We buy and deliver to Ukraine;
  • We organize the effective use of auto parts to repair your car.

Auction Auto specialists will help you select auto parts based on photographs and VIN code. Both new and used auto parts are available for order. You can deliver your order directly to the customer’s address!


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